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You want to offer employee benefits that are affordable and easy to implement. Your employees want benefits that are affordable and easy to understand. We’ve got everyone covered with group products thoughtfully designed to address a range of employer and employee needs. The Guardian Insurance Advisors of Florida (TGIAFL) will work diligently to find a  simple, cost-effective health plan for your business. To receive a competive group quote fill out the form below to receive a call from one of our Group Insurance Advisors or call us at (888) 866 - 5912 to speak with a live Group Insurance Advisor.

Self-Funded Health Plans

Meets the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate requirements and is governed by federal law under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA)? SFC, a self-funded health plan coordinated with stop-loss protection, may be the solution.
Available to groups of 10 to 50 employees. Comes in a variety of plan designs, including high-deductible HSA-qualified and Rx options. Allows a single monthly payment to be applied to the claims account, plan administrative expenses and stop-loss insurance program

High-Deductible Health Plans 

Can help employers and employees keep monthly premiums affordable, but the deductibles themselves can result in high out-of-pocket costs when medical care is needed. Link group gap is supplemental coverage that can help when paired with a group major medical insurance plan. Available to groups of 2 or more
Provides first-dollar benefits for hospitalizations, inpatient and outpatient surgery, as well as tests such as MRIs Includes a range of coinsurance and maximum-benefit amounts as well as traditional or HSA-compatible Link plans No medical underwriting, no pre-existing condition limits, easy implementation and affordable.